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Skeletal examination

Formetric 4D:Three dimensional, high definition, accurate imaging.
Pelmatogram:Digital imprinting of sole morphology.
Check-up:Directed to all of you, created for all of you, applied to all of you.From Scoliosis Spine Laser Centers


Our trajectory

Now in the hand of the 3rd generation, we launch a new era for the scoliosis spine laser center, investing in both knowledge and technology, creating 2 centers all over Greece.



Pioneering devices with a maximum weight of 600gr and thickness of no more than 3 mm., perfect fit without standing out, for all conditions and ages with specialized hypoallergenic materials and a 2-years guarantee.


They said about us

Thank you for making my brace, which healed my back, and also helped me lose weight along the way. I wish health, happiness and continued success to you and your beautiful family, and ever successful business. With much much love and gratitude.

Mr. Dionysis, thank you for supporting me throughout all these years… Keep up the excellent work!

Every beginning is difficult, but in the end nothing is difficult as long as there is will and strength, and with Mr. Dionysis you have them both. Keep doing the work that you know so well with love.

Thank you for everything, you did a very good job, keep this going!

Our company




Preventive Checks





Why choose us


3rd generation in the area of conservative treatment of spinal conditions. Dionysis Tzatzaliaris, with studies in Germany, continuous information gathering and training, and more than 20 years of experience, launched a new era in this area. Investing in knowledge and technology he created and evolved all the conditions for correct and successful treatment.


Consistently since 1952, we remain faithful to our principles, showing particular respect for the human factor. We commit to ongoing efforts to better achieve of our mission and goals, and at the same time keep growing, dedicated to the qualitative service and satisfaction of those who put their trust in us.


The term “expertise” means the whole or part of the concepts, knowledge and/or experience concerning the necessary procedures or methods in product making ( We at Scoliosis SLC centers can offer it to you.

Personal contact

“Human is the answer, whatever the question is” (Andre Breton)

You are the focus of our attention and our priority. Our goal is your safety and accurate information, providing you with an experienced and specialized personnel, for the appropriate treatment selection.


All measurement devices operate without radiation.


The challenge of 21st century leads us to the development of applications and structures, as well as specialized technologies and techniques, by evolving the recorded data and experience, using all the accumulated knowledge as an advantage.

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